Qi Qi @ The University of Iowa


Qi Qi / 齐琪

Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
The University of Iowa
255 Macbride Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242
qi-qi [at] uiowa.edu
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I am a graduate student from machine learning and optimization group of University of Iowa . My supervisor is Prof. Tianbao Yang. Before I joined UIowa, I received my master degree from University of Science and Technology of China under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Weise.

Research Interests

Rooted in machine learning, I'm interested in building the bridge between theory and applications. Currently, my research mainly focuses on: Distirbutionally Robust Learning, Deep Metric Learning, Compositional Non-convex Optimization (Variance Reduction Methods).



* Denotes Equal Contribution.

Competitions and Activities

Teaching Assistant

  • CS 4350 Logic in Computer Science
    University of Iowa, Fall 2018
    Instructor: Prof. Hantao Zhang

Selected Awards

  • First Prize of Graduate Scholarship, University of Science and Technology of China, Sep. 2017.
  • Outstadning Graduate Awards, Qingdao Technology University, Jul. 2015.


2020 Fall Seminar

2021 Spring Seminar